An Apple-themed auction took place at the RR Auction in Boston, USA. In this auction, the first computer Apple produced, Apple I, was sold. The product we are talking about is a hand-written document by Steve Wozniak with detailed notes and diagrams for Apple II. The document in question consists of 23 pages in total. The document, written by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, was written in 1975.

The documents in question and the Apple I package were sold for over $ 700,000. In addition to the computer, the Apple I package included Apple Cassette Interface, original manuals, an old Apple I power supply, old Datanetics keyboard in wooden case, 1976 Sanyo Monitor, Panasonic Cassette Player and Apple I box.

Apple products continue to attract attention by brand enthusiasts all over the world. So much so that last March, an Apple I computer found a buyer for over $ 400,000. And it was featured in the “Pawn Stars” episode of the History Channel. Three years ago, it found buyers in Germany for over $ 100,000.

Even old Apple manuals can find buyers for thousands of dollars. If you find an original old Apple manual somewhere, we say keep it well. A tech entrepreneur from the Northeast US purchased the original Apple I manual for $ 12296.

Undoubtedly, Apple has been a company that has brought innovations to our lives and changed our experience in many periods since its establishment. Especially in the second Jobs era after personal computers. In the early 2000s, it brought a different perspective to portable music players with iPod. With the iPhone, it has taken the step that shapes it with a product that can be called the modern ancestor of today’s smartphone ecosystem. With the iPad, it still manages to remain the first choice in the tablet world despite serious competitors.


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