Sony Santa Monica Studio, which developed God of War, is currently looking for an art director for a new game it is developing. The game in development is a game that has not been announced yet.

It was revealed that Sony Santa Monica Studio, the developer studio of God of War, one of the most important games of both PlayStation and the game world, has developed a new game.

Recently, Sony Santa Monica posted a job posting. According to the information in the job posting, the studio is currently developing a new game that has not been announced yet, and their job posting is for the Art Director position. When we look at the details of the job posting, unfortunately, it is difficult to catch a detail about the game, but we can say that it is a AAA game.

It is known that the studio is currently developing God of War 2, but it is now the first time that they have another project. Santa Monica had started developing a science fiction game before, but the game was canceled in 2014. We look forward to Santa Monica’s new project.

As we told you recently, the sound designer of The Last of Us Part II joined Santa Monica to work on God of War 2. Roger Clark, who voiced Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, is said to have attended Santa Monica, but there is no official information.


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