The mobile game Don’t Eat Pete, where you try to survive and fight against zombies in a world full of zombies, is now available for Android.

The survival action game Don’t Eat Pete, published and developed by Idle Game Studios, is now available for Android devices.

In the game called Don’t Eat Pete, you’ll control a character named Pete to save as many people as possible. You will have to clear the surrounding zombies each time before rescuing people, and this will get harder each time.

There will be more than one type of zombie in the game, and all of them will have their own special powers and abilities. However, you will also have a very large arsenal to clean up. You will also be able to create various defense structures to defend the houses.

The game is now freely available on Google Play. Of course, it is useful to remind that it is in early access. The full version release date is unknown. You can find the store page and gameplay video below.


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