Another survival game with zombies, Survival Z, will be available on the Apple Arcade system on February 19. You can find the details in our news.

Published and developed by Ember Entertainment, the zombie-themed survival game Survival Z is set to debut for Apple Arcade.

The new member of Apple Arcade, which Apple has made available on its own devices, has been announced. The survival game Survival Z will be available on Apple Arcade on February 19 and its size is 208 MB. You can find the trailer and introduction of the game below.

Introductory Letter
After the incident, zombies spread everywhere and humanity was on the brink of extinction! You are one of the survivors. With your intelligence and courage, you are determined to save everyone else.

Your goal is clear: Find survivors and find a way out of the zombie menace. Choose from randomly generated paths and make your way through zombie-filled environments.


Make your way through a wide variety of zombie types.
Place traps and obstacles to increase your chances of survival.
Collect equipment and upgrade them to strengthen your character.
Routes are constantly changing, allowing you to replay infinite times. Every game is different!
Include other survivors and fight with them.
Unique story events that provide extra rewards … if you can survive.
More than 15 playable characters, 50 unique levels and endless fun!


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