Capcom has a long history within the video game industry, so it has had to adapt to new technologies and media.



Many of us have gone through the same process, and if you check your social networks, you will surely find things that are shameful or that reflect a feeling that has changed over the years.

Oddly enough, Capcom also has a history of posts that it is not very proud of, and to avoid problems and misunderstandings, the US affiliate decided to do a deep clean.

Through its official Twitter account, the company published a message for its fans in which they announced that many of their old publications will be deleted.

Tweet where Capcom announces that it will delete its old posts.
‘Well, we were young once … and the internet was a different place in 2008-2009. We are in the year 202X now, so we have deleted some of our past tweets from those days of experimental posts. ‘

Surely many will wonder what the hell Capcom could be ashamed of, and to answer this question, user @ZhugeEx posted the image of a 2009 comment, which we leave you below.

‘Urinal cakes taste like cinnamon. I mean, perfumed! Perfumed! ‘

On more than one occasion we have seen that celebrities are lynched on social networks for comments from several years ago, and to avoid this type of action, Capcom USA preferred to get rid of their past.

If you think about it, this idea doesn’t seem so bad, especially if you had an emo past and now you want to look good as a child.


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