It has been 10 years since the release of the last Prince of Persia game, and it seems that the years of waiting for the new game has no end. A Turkish news site appeared after the “princeofpersia6” domain, which is thought to be registered by Ubisoft.

Recently, Ubisoft has been suggested to register the domain name “princeofpersia6” on a website called, and this development has led to rumors that the new Prince of Persia game may be announced soon. However, the claim that the domain name was taken by Ubisoft seems to be incorrect.

Recently, Ubisoft’s allegations that he registered the domain was seen as a hope for a revival of the series. Also, redirecting the domain name to Ubisoft’s DNS further strengthened the claims. Unfortunately, it turned out that the domain name was not purchased by Ubisoft and registered by a Turkish site.

The domain of princeofpersia6 has been put up for sale by a Turkish site
It is understood that the domain name is not purchased by Ubisoft when the website in question is visited. It is also seen that the domain name has been offered for sale with an ad that emphasizes its increasing popularity in recent weeks. Of course, this announcement has been prepared to take the price up by taking advantage of the news that has been on the agenda in the last few weeks and even more interestingly, the e-mail address of a Turkish news site is located in the contact address of the announcement.

Also in the past weeks, the trailer of Prince of Persia: Redemption has been revealed. The interesting thing about this trailer was that it was released in 2012 and was not noticed by anyone. Then came the news that the princeofpersia6 domain was registered by Ubisoft, and Prince of Persia fans were waiting for the new game announcement with hope. The domain name registration turned out to be just an opportunistic story. It seems that the years of waiting for the next Prince of Persia game will continue for a long time.


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