Death Stranding, one of the most anticipated games of the past, is currently the favorite of PC players. In addition, the admiration for the game increases with each passing day. A gamer put a doll inside his computer case to show his admiration for the game.

Death Stranding has been one of the most anticipated games of the past. The game, produced by Hideo Kojima, one of the important names in the video game industry, was released at the end of 2019 for PlayStation 4 and recently for the PC. Gamers who are playing games on PC are busy with the fascinating atmosphere of Death Stranding right now.

Death Stranding managed to impress gamers with both its subject and graphics. In the game, we were focusing on Sam Bridges, a little baby next to him, who managed to survive after a little apocalypse. We were also trying to make our planet normal again in this game. But the most striking aspect of this game was undoubtedly the cute and tiny baby in the game.

Death Stranding’s tiny baby managed to build an interesting bond with the actors. Some creative fathers even made special bags to carry their babies to adapt this situation to real life. Now, a Death Stranding fan plays this game with a doll that he put in his computer’s case. This is a different indicator of Death Stranding admiration.

Here is the doll put inside the computer case

With the sharing of the doll placed in the computer case on social media, other players expressed that this doll can melt in the case. However, the fan of Death Stranding states that he took the necessary measures for this and prevented the doll from melting. Despite this statement, some players were not convinced and say that such a thing could still be at various risks.

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Death Stranding admiration increases a little every day. As time passes after the game is released for PC, more and more gamers get the opportunity to access this game. As such, players want to show their admiration for Death Stranding in different ways. What size this admiration will reach in the future is a big secret for now.


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