Bitcoin (BTC) price movement has been incredibly weak especially recently. While the consolidation channel is in the breaking phase, buyers strongly defended Bitcoin in the $ 9,000 area.

The next three days may become one of the most diverse situations that leading crypto money has seen in the past few months. This possibility is due to the end of Bitcoin options, which will take place on June 26. Crypto traders took action to close their positions before this situation came to an end, they got their share from this mobility in Bitcoin, and the horizontal trade that it had continued for weeks came to the breaking point with these movements.

Many analysts also confirm this situation and. The event that could catalyze massive volatility is seen as $ 1 billion worth of option contracts, which will end on June 26. At this date, it seems likely that Bitcoin will again break the $ 10,000 level or fall below $ 9,000.

The expiration of these option contracts to be experienced will be the biggest expiration to be seen in the time spent with crypto coins until this time and this expiration is in a level to play the crypto market. Many analysts agree that there will be a break on June 26. However, the direction of breaking will be uncertain for now.

Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $ 9,649 as of writing.


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