The commercial war of the United States against Chinese companies is still continuing. Last year, the world witnessed embargoes against many Chinese technology companies, especially Huawei. So much so that the new generation of Huawei branded phones are still not available to Google services. Now a new statement has come from the US front. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke to TikTok.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo makes a statement for TikTok

The US Secretary of State Pompeo made an important announcement for social media platforms developed in China, especially TikTok. Underlining that the banning of these Chinese applications is on the agenda, Pompeo also stated that they take this situation seriously.

Some of Pompeo’s statements were remarkable. One said that these applications are only suitable for those who want to share their private information with the Chinese Communist Party.

No explanation has been received from the TikTok front for now.

Previously, TikTok was considered dangerous by US politicians.

TikTok, on the other hand, denied the allegations of leaking personal data to the government and announced that the data from the USA was stored in the USA and its backups in Singapore.


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