Huawei, one of the Chinese technology giants, again appeared on the black list of the USA. The US seems obsessed with the Chinese company.


Huawei, one of the famous names in the smartphone world, continues to face the USA at the moment. The company, which introduced a series of new products on June 2, attracted attention. The company, which especially challenged Android with the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system, claimed that more than 40 brands would use this operating system. Targeting millions with its new products, the company will try to regain the blood it lost in the smartphone market in this way. The Chinese giant, which has users from all over the world, faced the US government today. The US government took very serious decisions for the company.

As you know, the Chinese giant has been facing both the US government and Google for years. The company, which comes before us with various sanctions, seems to lose blood again.

USA Bans Investment In Huawei Company

New details emerged today, as well as the US government’s new sanctions on the Chinese company. According to the information we have received, the USA has imposed an investment ban on the Chinese technology giant. The other day, US President Joe Biden signed an order, which also imposed some sanctions on Chinese technology companies. Among these companies is SMIC. The US government, which has a list of 59 companies, continues to challenge the Chinese giants. The list of companies was not shared.


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