The Grayscale Investments team announced in a post on Twitter on January 22 that the total amount of crypto managed by the fund is $ 24.2 billion.

This is about $ 1 billion less than the amount stated in the post the day before.Grayscale’s crypto assets seem to be shrinking in value as Bitcoin continues to trade at $ 33,000 after dropping below $ 30,000 on Friday.

On Friday, the leading cryptocurrency fell from $ 29,350 to $ 32,587 and then managed to regain the $ 33,666 level. But Grayscale shared on Twitter with the AUM (total assets under management) figure of $ 24.6 billion before Bitcoin rose above $ 33,500. The chart shared by Barry Silbert’s crypto hedge fund shows that all crypto assets, from Bitcoin to Zcash, are falling in value.

On Friday, Grayscale bought Bitcoin (35.159.01978857 BTC) worth $ 1,276,147,151. In today’s BTC exchange rate, this amount lost about $ 100 million and reached a value of $ 1,156,042,634.

In addition, crypto news outlet CoinDesk reported that Grayscale is preparing to set up five more cryptocurrency trusts. These include Chainlink (LINK, one of the best DeFi platforms) among the top seven cryptocurrencies, 19th place Tezos (XTZ), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Livepeer (245th) and 82nd Decentraland (MANA). . Speaking to CoinDesk on the subject, Grayscale said, “We make a reservation application from time to time, but the application does not mean that we will present a new product. Grayscale has always explained it and will continue to explain it when it launches new products to investors. ” used the expressions.


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