The volume of cryptocurrency exchanges has seen its highest levels in history. Volume has exceeded $2 trillion, according to Data Dashboard data released by The Block.



Huge volumes from cryptocurrency exchanges

According to the index, the volume of 1 trillion dollars has been exceeded for the fourth month in a row. When we look at the exchanges, Binance continues to be the number 1 exchange in terms of volume. The exchange reached a trading volume of approximately $1.5 trillion in May. Coinbase, on the other hand, remains the best exchange from fiat to crypto. According to The Block’s Data Dashboard, it reached more than $198 billion in transaction volume in May.

The fact that Bitcoin exchanges reach significant volumes is also an indicator of investor interest in this area. The fact that the crypto money field has reached such huge volumes in the past now shows that this field is an investment area that cannot be denied. Now, when we think on the basis of the market, we can say that after this stage, it will be very difficult to ban the digital currency area, but it will be given a more solid ground with legal regulations.


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