A movie is being developed for Rick Grimes, the main character of the popular 2010 series The Walking Dead. According to the creator of the series, this movie will be different from the series.

As you know, a movie of Rick Grimes, who has been the main character of The Walking Dead, one of the most popular TV series in the last 10 years, will come. Robert Kirkman, who was the creator of the series in the past hours, made a statement about the movie.

Robert Kirkman recently interviewed Comicbook.com. Although he did not share any details during the interview, Rick Grimes said that the movie will be different from The Walking Dead series. He also stated that we will be watching a different Walking Dead story and that The Walking Dead will not be an expansion of the series.

The character of Rick Grimes had interestingly disappeared last season. This movie will tell where Rick Grimes went and what he did after the disappearance.

Unfortunately, there are not many details about the Rick Grimes movie at the moment. It is known that Andrew Lincoln will take the lead role. There is no explanation about the release date, but it was previously announced that it will be broadcast in theaters.


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