Android 12 News: The strangest change of the Android 12 operating system that millions have been waiting for has become clear. The system, which has started the countdown, will be live soon.


The operating system, which will also introduce a special game mode for players, is eagerly awaited. The operating system, which will present different features from each other, has not been missing from our news for days. The system, which is used in some phone models as beta today, will be launched as a full version at the end of the year. The countdown continues for the operating system, which has been the subject of our news with its emojis in the past days, and new details continue to emerge. The information that came today revealed the strangest change of the operating system. The strangest feature of the operating system was the Google Assistant, which was placed as a shortcut on the power button. According to the information we have obtained, users will be able to change this shortcut. Android 12 is coming.

Android 12 Revealed With A Weird Detail

We have written a lot about the operating system until today. We talked a lot about their different features. With the information coming today, a strange detail of the operating system has appeared. With the operating system, users will be able to assign and use applications to the power key. So they will have the authority to add a shortcut to the power key. So far, many features have appeared. The system, which will attract attention with its strangest and most interesting feature, continues to be awaited by millions of users. As soon as the release date is announced, our news will also be included.


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