Bitcoin News: Guggenheim CIO Scott Minerd made remarkable statements to CNBC today. The famous manager stated that it was based on the current technical picture and explained that the point he saw as the real bottom for Bitcoin was $ 10,000.



The bottom point for Bitcoin could be 10 to 15 thousand dollars

Minerd is a name that comes up frequently with his predictions about the crypto money markets. The prominent face also concedes that such an ultra-low price target would be “a bit extreme,” adding that he calls for a more conservative $15,000 price.

Scott Minerd used the following statements in his statement:

When you look carefully at the technical indicators, you can see that the $10,000 level will be the real bottom. Of course, this is probably a bit of an overestimate. So it would be safer to say that $15,000 will be a real bottom.

The rapid recovery of Bitcoin to the level of $ 35,000 led to the formation of a bull trap. The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency has now dropped below $32,000 and it looks like bears are now in control of BTC.

Minerd made statements that people who want to invest in the flagship cryptocurrency should not rush.


I don’t think people should worry about putting money into Bitcoin right now.

The biggest cryptocurrency may need to drop another 68 percent to meet Minerd’s most pessimistic target.


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