The series’ official Twitter account officially confirms the return to the recordings with a Jaskier poem that you won’t find in the books.

When the coronavirus crisis erupted, citizens ended up confined and spurious industries halted or low. In the case of cinema and television series, many filming had to be stopped to prevent the virus from spreading. How could it be otherwise, the production of Netflix’s The Witcher was also affected and the team had to make the decision to delay all their plans. However, the new reality will allow the gradual reopening of all the studios, including that of the fiction starring Geralt de Rivia.

This has been confirmed by the official Twitter account of the series, which has used a poem that surely does not have Jaskier’s real signature, but that does incorporate an important fact: the filming of season 2 of The Witcher resumes next 17 of August. After several months of delay, the actors and the technical team will meet again to record the new adventures of Geralt and company.

The Wolf’s Nightmare

It remains to be seen to what extent the delay will have affected Netflix’s plans. The new season was not scheduled until 2021, so it is not clear if these months of break will influence the release date. Before that happens, the most avid viewers will be able to enjoy an anime series of which not a single trailer has yet been shown. Nightmare of the Wolf will introduce Vesemir, but not during his time as Geralt’s mentor, but in his youth.

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Geralt and Vesemir will be the youth in season 2 of The Witcher

Netflix’s The Witcher debuted with an 8-episode first season in December 2019. The series, starring Henry Cavill, unfolded through different timelines, something they will try to avoid in the season to come. Its narrative structure earned him some criticism.

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