Bitcoin News: Hollywood actress Mila Kunis announced that she advised her movie star husband, Ashton Kutcher, not to invest in Bitcoin (BTC), but it was learned that Kutcher did not follow his wife’s advice and invested in BTC.



Speaking with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Mila Kunis stated that her husband is investing in cryptocurrency.

Years later, Kunis told Colbert that his wife “is really smart about knowing that sometimes you shouldn’t listen to your spouse.”

The second time he sat me down and said: “Hey, baby, I have to explain this thing to you. Tell me if I’m crazy There is something like mining for money. It’s called cryptocurrency and… that was eight plus years ago. It’s called Bitcoin.

Kunis argued that investing in cryptocurrency can carry great risk as it is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Company.

“Well, who will be sure it’s safe? I think this is a terrible idea. And he said, “Great, we’re investing in him.” He didn’t listen to me. ”

Kutcher’s early investor status at companies such as Uber, Spotify and Airbnb reportedly raised the value of A-Grade Investments venture capital fund A-Grade Investments, which he founded in 2010, from $ 6 million to $ 250 million.

Kutcher has admitted that he has been a fan of Bitcoin since at least 2013, and said that Sound Ventures invested in Ripple in 2018, and also praised the companies’ partnership to “support critical causes around the world”.

One of the other crypto-related investments through the player’s fund was Lolli, a Bitcoin reward company.


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