With the long-awaited PlayStation 5 features, there is little time left to meet. PlayStation 5, whose promotion date has been delayed, has already excited many people. A new adventure is about to begin.

The PlayStation 4, which went on sale in 2013, was one of the most popular game consoles of all time. Because, 102 million PlayStation 4s have been sold so far.

Will the PlayStation 5 features give what is expected?

This success does not prevent innovation. According to some players, Sony should not carry the flaws of PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. In addition, the development of the Xbox Series X, which is a major threat to the Japanese company, obliges the new console to be equipped with more efficient features.

As a result, it is very important for Sony to implement innovations that are interesting and functional on behalf of PlayStation 5. So what should the Japan-based company do about this? This article contains topics that can directly affect the success of PlayStation 5.

The build quality and battery life of the controller

Unfortunately, PlayStation 4’s controllers struggled with two problems: unqualified build quality and low battery life. As you may remember, when DualShock 4 was first released, it was revealed that the players were not satisfied with the L1 and R1 buttons.

The failure of the trigger structure to work steadily and the wear of the rubber coating had the patience of many players. Sony managed to solve the wear problem of the rubber coating in a few years.

Sony, who preferred to produce the arms of PlayStation 4 with a more durable material, was criticized for its insufficient battery life this time. Operating for 4 to 7 hours (on average), DualShock 4 fails to achieve the desired performance due to the touchpad and the always-on light bar that is not used by gamers.

The controller of Nintendo Switch Pro can serve continuously for 40 hours. Players no longer want to see such a glitch on PlayStation 5. In this context, Sony needs to have a very durable structure in terms of battery life.

PlayStation 5 features: Noise level of PlayStation 5

As it is known, the loud sounds coming from PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro caused extremely negative criticism. Games such as God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn that force the machine very hard, some people say, “Jet leaves the garden of the house!” in the form of caused reactions.

Gamers want PlayStation 5 not to sound too much. When we look at the Xbox One front, we see that there is no such problem. It is known that the new generation console will consume a lot of power, but the failure of Sony to solve this problem will again lead to many criticisms.

Cross-platform support and cross-platform registration

These two features, called cross-platform support and cross-record, have managed to attract the attention of many players. These advantages, which offer diversity to the players, allow both players with two different consoles to meet in the same game, and also allow a player to run a game record on another platform (such as playing PlayStation 4 recording on Xbox One).

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With Fortnite’s announcement of the cross play feature, the eyes were turned into Sony management. Being reluctant at first, Sony reluctantly activated this infrastructure due to the pressure of the players.

Many users think Sony is far behind Nintendo and Microsoft on these issues. From this point of view, the Japanese technology giant must make the necessary moves as soon as possible.

A healthy backward compatibility mode

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One did not have backward compatibility mode when it was first released. Microsoft noticed this situation and implemented the backward compatibility mode that shocked all players.

This made it possible to play Xbox 360 and Xbox games on Xbox One. US software company Microsoft tried to reveal that it was the brand that had the only say in backward compatibility mode by launching the Xbox One X. So will PlayStation 5 features resist this move?

In addition, running games from the Xbox One X console with graphics modules that are much more powerful on this platform had shifted the attention of many players to Xbox. Stating that backward HDR support will come with Xbox Series X, Microsoft has made Sony’s job very difficult.

The Japanese company has two trump cards in this regard: PlayStation Now and PlayStation Store. These platforms only allow some older games to be downloaded. Players who download a game using cloud technology both have to pay once more for that game (same game) and deal with the problems caused by cloud technology.

On the other hand, Xbox says to a player: “You can replay an old game that you already have, on a more powerful Xbox platform, at no cost.”

As you may remember, Sony said that PlayStation 5 will support backward compatibility mode, but we do not know how many years ago the next generation console will support games in this regard. If Sony cannot use the wealth of its own past, it will have a great opportunity.

A PlayStation Now that can fight Xbox Game Pass

As it is known, PlayStation Now has a hard time coping with Xbox Game Pass regarding the number of users. In this context, PlayStation Now, which is less preferred by the players, cannot provide the desired discounts in terms of prices and cannot reach the desired number of games in terms of the number of games.

This platform, which did not have game download technology before, gained the expected feature thanks to Sony tracking down the Xbox Game Pass. Thus, allowing Players to download new games, PlayStation should go a long way in cloud technology.

One of our articles ended later. What do you think about the PlayStation 5 features announced so far? Do you think that the expected innovations will be introduced at the launch event for this console?

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