The Australian-based company Lavo introduced the world’s first hydrogen battery developed for home use. The huge energy storage has the capacity to meet the electricity needs of two days.

The Australian company Lavo has introduced a commercial version of the world’s first domestic hydrogen battery system that can store up to 40 kW of energy. For comparison, Tesla’s most advanced Powerwall 2 battery system has only 14 kW of capacity.

The huge Lavo energy storage cabinet is based on hydrogen technology and measures 1680 x 1240 x 400 mm. This huge energy source, weighing 324 kg, also eliminates the disadvantages of existing lithium-ion batteries. According to the manufacturer, the hydrogen battery can be used at home for two days as an uninterrupted power supply.

It’s claimed that you can forget about electrical issues for 30 years after purchasing and installing the device, which is twice as long as lithium-ion batteries. It should also be noted that the device works by connecting to a hybrid solar inverter and water grid.

It is also said that it can create danger
Despite its obvious advantages, the technology still has some disadvantages. The weak point of the technology is a buffer lithium-ion battery with an output power of 5 kWh, which plays a role in the operation of the device. Additionally, the cabinet will cost $ 26,900, which is significantly more expensive than the Powerwall 2.

Lavo expects the cost to drop to $ 22,800 by 2022, with an international expansion. However, the device brings some questions. Although the manufacturer claims that the technology is completely harmless, such devices are considered hydrogen explosive.


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