Many patients now have antibiotic resistance due to unconscious use. The new antibiotic developed using machine learning is defined as the strongest antibiotic in the world.

According to the World Health Organization, more antibiotics are used every year than the previous year. Antibiotics consumed unconsciously can do more harm than good. For this reason, the second week of November, which was announced as an antibiotic awareness week, was selected with the aim of making the usage conscious.

The world’s strongest antibiotic comes for “antibiotic resistance”
use of antibiotics in the world and Turkey unconscious consciousness occurs slowly, though figures are still not at the desired rate. This new antibiotic, developed according to the MIT team that made the discovery, includes the most effective method by examining the natural components of about 2,500 drugs with deep learning method.

Tests show that the drug erases a number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains, including Acinetobacter baumannii, two of the three high-priority pathogens listed by the World Health Organization as “critical” to target new antibiotics, and bacteria Enterobacteriaceae with more than 30 species.

The developed algorithm has turned into a powerful antibiotic that kills the most dangerous drug resistant bacteria in the world through the natural components and molecular properties of the drugs in question. According to the news in The Guardian, the antibiotic developed with the deep learning method, which is an important stage of artificial intelligence, is positioned as the strongest antibiotic in the world.

After this antibiotic, which was tested on a small area in the first place, gave the expected result, it was started to work on a library with more than 6 thousand compounds. Jonathan Stokes, one of the authors of the study, says it takes hours for the algorithm to evaluate compounds and find some promising antibiotics.

The antibiotic found made a list of 23 potential antibiotics through the library of approximately 1 and a half billion compounds. Scientists, who discovered that two of them are strong, aim to find other types of antibiotics with the new algorithm.


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