Thomas Hodge, founder of Crypto and Policy, recently launched a petition for SEC presidential candidate Gary Gensler to “stop the war on XRP” or end the SEC case against Ripple after being approved as president.

The campaign also asks Gensler to investigate Jay Clayton, former head of the Commission, and William Hinman, former Director of Corporate Finance Division. The XRP advocate asks Gensler to further investigate the “possible financial reasons for choosing Bitcoin and Ethereum” as well as “damaging XRP” while on duty.

The owner of the campaign also claimed that Jay Clayton and William Hinman “received money from the companies” and added:

“While Clayton and Hinman were in office, they were asked if Bitcoin and Ethereum were securities. According to the records, they said it very clearly: no they are not securities, so keep trading. ”

According to the XRP advocate, Hinman “received millions of dollars in payments” from Simpson Thacher, a member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, a law firm, and Hinman “collected checks from the firm.”

Hodge also drew attention to regulatory uncertainty and the state of XRP. He also claimed that the former president Jay Clayton, during his tenure, did not seek clarity as to whether XRP was a security:

“The SEC has claimed for the past seven years that all owners of Ripple and XRP should know that XRP is securities, and it has repeatedly said that it did not know until the SEC itself filed a lawsuit in December 2020.”


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