XRP price is fluctuating on Saturday, May 29. XRP, which recently broke $1.50 and broke records after a long time, became one of the altcoins that had a hard time with the general collapse that started in mid-May. At the same time, as it is known, there is an ongoing securities lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC. The XRP price, which was negatively affected by the lawsuit, causes its investors to react because of the falling price. Blaming the SEC for the price drop, the XRP community held a protest in front of the SEC building.



The Ripple community has never stopped supporting during the litigation process. With the various hashtags they put on the agenda on Twitter, they made an impact for the exchanges that had delisted XRP due to the lawsuit to list XRP again. The community recently launched a petition on Today, the community is on the agenda with a remarkable protest. The XRP community gathered outside the SEC’s headquarters in Washington to protest the lawsuit against Ripple.

The community reacted to end the SEC’s war against cryptocurrencies, along with banners with slogans such as “Cryptocurrencies are not a crime”, “Stop the hypocrisy in cryptocurrencies”, “Lifetime XRP”.

In the last days of 2020 and shortly before the end of his term, the lawsuit filed by Jay Clayton shook the cryptocurrency market and caused a collapse in the price of the popular altcoin XRP. The Ripple community demands that Jay Clayton be investigated.

Can Ripple go public?

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of blockchain giant Ripple, recently made important statements about XRP. Thinking that blockchain technology is not fully understood, Garlinghouse stated that before cryptocurrencies are strictly and clearly banned, everyone should understand what they do. Stating that Ripple uses blockchain technology in the field of international money transfer, the CEO stated that this process is normally slow and expensive, but Ripple can perform this transaction quickly and cheaply with blockchain technology.

Stating that the company is willing to go public and that this possibility is high, Garlinghouse stated that the biggest obstacle to this opening is the SEC lawsuit.

Latest situation in XRP price

The altcoin, which crossed $ 1 again on Thursday evening, could not be permanent at this point and experienced a decrease again. XRP, which was at the level of $ 0.87 at the time of writing, expects to break $ 1 permanently again.


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