Next year’s new smartphone trend is expected to be under-screen camera solutions. While some brands have been trying this for a while, the ZTE Axon 20 model stood out as the first phone with a sub-display camera. The first test results of the phone offered for sale in the European market could not give what was expected!

ZTE Axon 20 surprised with its under-screen front camera performance!

The camera tests conducted by The Verge reveal the curious front camera performance of the phone. In the selfie comparison, the Google Pixel 5 gives an above average sharpness, while the ZTE Axon 20’s example looks rather hazy. On the night shots side, as well as the low level of detail, the pale color gamut stands out.

This is not the only problem with under-screen camera technology that literally fails on the photographic experience. The Verge editors report some distortion in the transparent part of the screen during their test on the ZTE Axon 20. While there is a lot of discoloration especially on the white background, this area does not attract much attention in daily use.

Axon 20; It houses a package of camera sensor, ambient light sensor and embedded handset just below the transparent part of the screen. Considering that the device is the first smartphone model to use this technology, the result is normal. It remains unclear for now whether any updates will come to improve the image quality at the point of solving the problem.


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