iOS 15 News: It turned out that Apple will have a RAM problem with the iOS 15 update. Developers have a great responsibility at this point.


Apple introduced the iOS 15 update at the WWDC 21 event earlier this month. However, this update received a reaction as it did not offer great innovation to the end user. Today it turned out that the new update will have a RAM problem. Apps in iOS 15 will likely lag a bit on older iPhones. Of course, this will be entirely up to the developer.

May experience RAM problems with iOS 15

According to sources, Apple’s official documentation for app developers will allow developers to request more memory for their apps in iOS 15. According to reports, the maximum available memory for a single app is limited to only 5GB.

Apple said that the memory increase request only applies to certain device models and that using too much memory can affect system performance. At this point, application developers have a big share. Let’s see if small-scale developers can keep up with the new update.

Also, the personal hotspot feature in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 was now known to support WPA3 protocol for greater security and password guessing. For those of you who don’t know, WPA3, the encryption protocol, was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance and has been in existence since June 2018. Main goal of WPA3 is to simplify Wi-Fi security, provide stronger authentication and stronger encryption.

Wi-Fi connectivity on Apple’s iPhone and iPad has long supported WPA3. However, the Personal Hotspot feature used WPA2. For a normal user, the connection to the personal hotspot will remain the same. However, WPA3 will provide stronger security, which will be especially important for users with simple passwords.

New updates are currently in development. According to Apple, the public beta will be available later this summer. The update of the iPhone 6s and later models has shown us how strong Apple is in software.


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