Mexico is a place where muralism occurs a lot and just as we have had outstanding works by Diego Alfaro Siqueiros or Diego Rivera himself, lately we have very talented artists who do this activity, but dedicated to anime. The most recent one is dedicated to Ghibli and is in Aguascalientes.

Making a high-quality mural is not something easy, much less when you don’t have so many resources. The person behind this project dedicated to Ghibli which is in the Alameda Cultural Corridor in Aguascalientes is asking for support through a post on Facebook.

Finally, what they ask for are resources to cover the expenses required to make this work dedicated to the Ghibli films and to one of the most prominent members of the studio: Hayao Miyazaki. Technically they ask for something that goes straight into a bucket that goes into paint.

This is not a small project and you can see that they have every intention of finishing it, but the task will not be easy at all and you have to work hard to get it done. It is a tribute to Ghibli that can transcend over time and serves so that locals and strangers can know these works.



The situation seems complicated, but not impossible. If the post reaches the right people, especially those who live in Aguascalientes and who pass through the Alameda Cultural Corridor, perhaps they can support the cause of this Ghibli mural.

Now, the images speak for themselves, the quality of the Ghibli mural in Aguascalientes is being luxurious. There is no doubt that we are really going to have an object to show off in the tourist section. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that also in the Baj√≠o of the Mexican Republic there is a lot of Japanese community that can appreciate this work.

If you like this proposal, support it by going to where the mural is or, failing that, contact the person who shares the photos and the work on Facebook, surely you will be able to help in some way.


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