Despite getting a lot of flattery, not a few Korean netizens who claimed to be disappointed with the song “How You Like That” BLACKPINK.

Jennie and friends have just carried out their comeback in the South Korean music industry after the last release of the song ‘Kill This Love’ more than a year ago.

Because of this long wait, of course BLACKPINK’s new song entitled ‘How You Like That’ is so eagerly awaited by many people especially BLINK.

After previously giving their praise to the music video “How You Like That” which looks very luxurious, now Korean netizens also claim to be disappointed with the song “How You Like That” produced by Teddy.

Many of the netizens feel that the song ‘How You Like That’ is not much different from the songs that Teddy has produced before, especially the BIGBANG and 2NE1 songs.

Even many netizens feel that the outro of the song “How You Like That” is similar to the outro of the song “Bang Bang Bang” BIGBANG which was also produced by Teddy.

Like the comments of Korean netizens seen on Nate’s website:

“Their songs always sound the same. 2NE1 is integrated with BIGBANG. It looks like Teddy will produce similar songs for 30 years at this rate, ”

“Why do all their songs sound the same? ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, ‘Kill This Love’ and now this song. But Rose’s vocals are very good. Maybe because all their songs were produced by Teddy, ”

“I think the last part of the song” How You Like That “is similar to” Bang Bang Bang “BIGBANG. Both of them are good songs, but I feel Teddy always uses the same style over and over again, ”

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“Like their song last time. I’m tired of listening to the ending of the accelerated song and their concept immediately changes, ”

“I’m tired of hearing Teddy’s songs, can’t stand it anymore,” and various other similar comments.

Do you agree with the comments of Korean netizens above about this song ‘How You Like That’ BLACKPINK?


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