Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao shared an interesting post from his social media account today.

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has the likes and dislikes. We can also say this comment to Changpeng Zhao, the company’s CEO. We can find positive comments about Zhao on social media, as well as negative comments.

Some of the negative comments we see about Zhao on social media alone may not be very ‘sincere’. Because according to Zhao’s claims, some of these accounts are opened only to defame him.

Opening the Opponent
Changpeng Zhao made a statement about this type of account in a post he shared on his social media account today.

According to Zhao’s claims, a cryptocurrency company that is Binance’s rival in China took action to defame Binance and the CEO of Binance. The company hired someone for this and gave them the task to smear Zhao on social media. The task of these employees is to share posts that slanders Zhao on social media all day, to object to Zhao’s comments.

Zhao states that he got this information from someone working on this exchange. According to his statements, this stock exchange employee resigned and could not resist one day after he was given the duty to defame Zhao.


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