Genshin Impact News: Chance? Did anyone know before?


Genshin Impact is certainly a popular game that has a huge number of characters. Go! It is a certainly robust open world proposition that many should try, provided they have the time.

Now, it is quite a creative task to name all those characters. Sometimes they can be the most common names and in others something far-fetched with some kind of ‘meaning’. The following story revolves around the Hiiragi Chisato, who is just an NPC.

It happens that the daughter of the Hiiragi Clan within Genshin Impact has the same name as a celebrity from the Japanese adult video industry. How did this happen? Well, we cannot explain that, but if you go around Google you will be surprised.

This is a certainly strange coincidence that we do not know how it happened or if someone inside myHoYo believed that it would be an ‘easter egg’ that few were going to find. This topic is certainly uncomfortable because whoever looks for the character of Genshin Impact could run into a surprise.


Genshin Impact and its next update with a surprise

As we learn whether or not it is a coincidence that the Genshin Impact NPC has the name of a Japanese adult video actress, let’s remember that here comes an update for the game that will come with a surprise.

When Genshin Impact jumps to update 2.1 on PS4 and PS5 players will get a free 5-star character in PlayStation collaboration. Who are we talking about? Nothing else from Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.


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