Nintendo GameCube News: A touching story with a happy ending that her granddaughter wanted to share on the internet


A girl on the internet showed off on the internet this particular gift from her grandparents: a completely new Nintendo GameCube console. Unlike many of these consoles, this one was in really enviable condition and could fetch a great price on the internet, although we highly doubt that she wants to sell it.

But why did they give you this console? According to BootyHaver, her grandmother and her grandfather thought this Nintendo GameCube was new. Also, they gave it to her because they knew that she was a huge fan of video games. Be that as it may, her gesture was celebrated by her and by the internet.

How did this Nintendo GameCube stay intact?

According to the same girl, the friends of her grandmother and her grandfather had bought this Nintendo GameCube for her granddaughters and grandsons when they visited them. It was always clean, neat and in its box for when they arrived. However, it was used a couple of times, two or three at the most. So, it was kept as intact as possible.

Be that as it may, she as a video game fanatic knows what this Nintendo GameCube is worth and appreciates the great detail they had. So, we doubt that she will sell this piece of history anytime soon. Did it ever happen to you that they gave you a console like that? Or that your older relatives will give you their video games?


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