While the number of Coronavirus cases in China has been decreasing, the news that journalists from other countries have been canceled and all of them have been sent to their hometown has been echoed. China has decided to increase the press and broadcast censorship while overcoming the disease.

Despite this, Sarah Zheng, a South China Morning Post journalist, managed to transfer an important interview to the internet and blockchain network. The interview, which was transferred to the Ethereum network, was conducted directly with a doctor working in the center of Wuhan, the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dr. Ai’s interview about what Coronavirus knows and the facts can now be seen and watched by all Ethereum participants. Although the article and the interview were first shared on China’s social media channels, it was banned by WeChat.

Dr. Although Ai warned her doctors and officials to be more careful with the virus at the time, hospitals chose to remain passive until the number increased. As of the writing of this article, China has reached more than 3,150 deaths and more than 81,000 sick people.


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