Rick and morty News: A very beloved and special duo … dangerous mind


The adventures of Rick and Morty have taken them to endless places and pitted them against great rivals, such as terminator snakes, vampires, the devil himself, sterilized dogs, and even evil versions of themselves. But never a villain as big as the one they just killed.

The fifth season of Rick and Morty is currently airing. In its most recent episode, Amortycan Grickfitty, Summer, and her brother take Rick’s spaceship for a ride, culminating, oddly and strangely, with the death of Galactus and the appearance of falling in love Transformers.

Rick and Morty the most powerful of Marvel

What’s impressive is not that one of the strongest rivals in the Marvel comic universe was killed in Rick and Morty, but that it was so easily. Also, the funny thing is that Summer and Morty actually caused the celestial’s death, simply to please the new kid at school.

It all starts when Beth, Jerry and Rick go out to deal with their own problems, so Summer and Morty are left home alone. However, they invite Bruce Chutback, a boy who has just arrived at school, who shows interest in Rick’s ship.

The brothers manage to bypass the ship’s security systems to lead it to wreak havoc on several different planets. Since the vehicle realizes that it was tricked, it decides to take advantage of it to do whatever it wants to have fun, in the end it can blame Summer and Morty for everything that happens.

In one of the most unexpected things about a Rick and Morty episode. The spaceship decides that it wants to kill Galactus, so it lures him in with an entire solar system and kills him while he eats, as if he were a fish. Afterward, the ship is disappointed that Galactus was not the size he expected.

Marvel heroes have spent years, games and entire movies trying to take down Galactus, when all they needed was to call Rick and Morty. If you also want to see this moment, you can do it on HBO Max, where the episodes are coming out at the same time as in the United States. What other great villain do you think they will face in the future?


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