Fast and Furious 9 News: A REPORT ABOUT AN ACCIDENT ENDED IN Jokes


Fast and Furious 9 finally hit theaters in Mexico, and among all the incidents we could imagine, one happened that seemed unlikely.

Through social networks, some users began to report the presence of a drunk driver who had entered the food area of ​​the Plaza Dorada shopping center in Puebla with his car.

The original report even indicated that there was a detainee, but everything was a confusion that generated laughter, ridicule and even anger on the part of many people.

The publication caught the attention of the residents near the square, but as you can imagine, the car is simply part of a dynamic on the occasion of the premiere of Fast and Furious 9.

Apparently, this news arose from a comment provided by a follower of a communicator from the Red Radio Cinco network, who took the photo and uploaded it to networks with the report and its watermark.

The news quickly went viral and came to the attention of the Municipal Police and the State Public Security Secretariat, who denied the story of the drunk driver and clarified the situation.

Of course, the fans of Fast and Furious did not take long to make fun of the situation through all kinds of comments, getting the publication to increase its reach and reach more people.

The ninth installment of the saga starring Vin Diesel is already available in several theaters in Mexico, and so far the Rotten Tomatoes site places it with a score of 61%.

So now you know, if you find a luxury car parked in the food court of your nearest mall, it is just an exhibition, not a car accident.


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