While the need for laptops increased during the pandemic period, Acer, which recently introduced its new models, shared what should be considered and buying tips for those who want to buy a new device – the ideal laptop.

The need for laptops increased during the pandemic period. Users who want to own a new laptop take into account their needs and usage habits as well as aesthetic preferences. On the other hand, technical features and segment separations can cause some users to overlook the ideal options. Acer recommends that users who want to buy a new laptop should first decide for what purpose they will use the device and consider options in the matching category. Here are the most important features when choosing a laptop:

The ideal laptop buying guide

Instead of first looking through the spec charts, it’s worth focusing on potential usage patterns and their equivalents on the laptop.

Several of the most popular categories of laptops are entry, mid and high level, separated from each other according to the user’s needs. It is also suitable for gamers with high-end laptops, external graphics cards and powerful technical features.

What should be considered at entry level?

Composed of the most budget-friendly laptop models, devices in this category perform routine tasks that do not require high power for many years without any problems. It should have solid material quality and ergonomics that will not disturb the user in continuous use. The lighter and smaller these laptops are, the higher portability it compensates for the lost power advantage.

Acer Swift 1

With the vibrant colors of the Acer Swift 1’s Intel Celeron or Pentium Silver Processor and narrow bezel 14-inch screen, it’s possible to work quickly and efficiently, or to have fun. Thanks to its slim body and long 16-hour battery life, this device is designed to be with its user at all times.

The balance of portability, ergonomics and performance is important in the middle segment

Mid-segment laptops have more powerful hardware than entry-level devices and offer this to their users at reasonable prices. The price / performance products with the greatest variety belong to this category. Mid-segment laptops can have very advanced processors, very long battery life, great screens, powerful graphics processors, high material quality. However, it often only carries one or two of these features at the same time. Users who are good at determining their needs are likely to find their next favorite laptop here.

Acer Aspire 3

Acer’s laptops in this category have been developed to provide great benefits in specific usage scenarios without sacrificing portability, ergonomics, performance and material quality.

The Aspire 3 offers users the ability to watch videos, surf the web and work smoothly and quickly with an Intel Core i3 processor and NVIDIA GeForce MX330 graphics card or AMD Ryzen 3 and AMD Radeon R625 graphics. Thanks to this powerful combination and up to 8 GB of DDR4 memory, it loads applications quickly, provides high graphics performance, and can perform multiple tasks simultaneously without system glitches.

Slim, light and stylish, Swift 3 has been specially designed for those who want to work on the go. The latest NVIDIA GPU, Intel or AMD CPU combines with long battery life. Users can also choose between a vibrantly colored 14 ” 16: 9 FHD IPS display and a stylish silver or purple color.

Performance isn’t the only criterion for gaming laptop models

The most advanced gaming laptops are usually thick and heavy devices. This is because they fit the desktop performance to the laptop. High-performance gaming computers are equipped with the latest and most powerful processors, graphics cards and memory. Those who want to buy a new gaming computer should consider a good cooling performance as well as powerful hardware features. The most successful products in this segment are laptops that can offer successful performance and cooling. On the other hand, it is possible to find very successful price performance laptop models in this category.

Acer Nitro 5

The Acer Nitro 5 offers gamers a wide variety of system options to choose from according to their needs and budget. Defying desktop performance, the Nitro 5s combine the strengths of a 10th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen 4000 Series processor with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards. It offers maximum speed and massive storage capacity with two M.2 PCIe SSD slots and up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM.

Hope to be together again in the contents that we can help you find the ideal laptop model.


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