In addition to smartphones and 5G chipsets, Samsung also has a strong presence in the manufacture of infrastructure and network equipment for fifth generation mobile internet connectivity.

The company has been working on 5G communication technologies for some years, and this effort has paid off. International reports indicate that the South Korean giant has the largest number of 5G patents granted in the world.

The brand was obtained through a joint study by the intellectual property research firm Iplytics and the Technical University of Berlin in January, and Samsung Electronics has the largest number of 5G patents granted by at least one of the patent offices located in Europe (EPO), United States (USPTO) or Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

1,728 patents were granted, while Nokia, LG and Huawei have 1,584, 1,415 and 1,274 granted 5G patents, respectively. Granted patents are, in practice, those applicable, that is, Sammy has exclusive rights for 1,728 of its 2,795 5G patents.

There are still another 905 patents registered, and another 162 declared in the 5G patent families, as shown in the graph. The study was commissioned by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

The Korean company already works with operators in countries such as Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, USA and several other countries in the implementation of 5G networks for the final consumer. Samsung will use XIlinx chips in its 5G devices and, in addition to the models already launched, Sammy intends to bring new top-of-the-line smartphones and intermediates with embedded technology, such as a version of the Galaxy Z Flip.


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