The features of the 3rd Generation AMD EPYC Milan server processors were detailed as a result of their naming.

With a product name decoding slide created by ExecutableFix, all the details about AMD 3rd generation EPYC Milan server processors are revealed.

AMD EPYC, based on the Zen 3 design, will be released within 2 months. The series, codenamed Milan, will provide frequencies about 200 MHz higher than Rome (Zen 2). The 64-core EPYC 7763 will be clocked up to 3.5 GHz, 100 MHz higher than the EPYC 7742, while the fastest SKU in the EPYC 72F3 series will offer 8 cores 200 MHz higher than the EPYC 7F52 from the Roman series.

The last number in the EPYC product name defines which family the processor belongs to. Therefore, 3 means we are looking at the 3rd generation EPYC series coded Milan. The second digit defines how many cores each EPYC processor has. On the other hand, some digits refer to ranges. For example, 4 could mean 24 to 28 cores, or 6 could mean 40 to 56 cores. However, 5 always means 32 cores, while 7 means a 64-core processor, which is the highest number of cores for this generation.

The third letter defines the performance target for the EPYC SKU. All processors with the phrase 1 are focused on the appropriate budget, while 4 and 6 are for performance applications. The third possibility, F, is for those who want to have the highest performance.

Some SKUs carry a modified feature P. This means that the processor is targeted for single socket systems.

AMD Third Generation EPYC Milan is scheduled to be released in March. This date was confirmed by the company during the announcement of its 4th quarter financial results.


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