IZONE again won their victory trophy in the music program with his new song.

On Thursday (6/25), IZONE’s ‘Secret Story of the Swan’ song ranked first in the ‘M! Countdown’ program.

Although the episode ‘M! Countdown’ today re-aired the appearance of K-Pop idols with a summer-themed song, the winner this week was still announced at the end of the event.

IZONE was nominated with the soloist Baek A Yeon who recently made a comeback with the song ‘Looking For Love’.

In the end IZONE came out victorious, thanks to their latest song, ‘Secret Story of the Swan’.

IZONE members then expressed their gratitude to the fans through the video message that was played at the end of the event.

This is the third trophy IZONE has won since holding a comeback with the mini album ‘Oneiric Diary’.

Congratulations to IZONE!


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