A young actress recently came under the spotlight because her face is considered to be similar to Nayeon TWICE.

The actress named Kim Soo Jung, who just turned 16 this year.

After uploading her latest selfie photo on social media, Kim Soo Jung immediately attracted the attention of TWICE fans because of her face that is similar to Nayeon.

Before debuting as an actress, Kim Soo Jung was known to have acted as an ‘Answer Girl’ in the ‘Star Golden Bell’ program on KBS.

Kim Soo Jung is currently known to still be a student at Seoul Performing Arts High School.

Seeing the resemblance of her face to Nayeon, several Korean netizens commented like:

“Wow, he really looks similar to Nayeon,”

“Very beautiful,”

“Very similar to Nayeon,” and various other similar comments.

Do you think that Kim Soo Jung really has a face similar to Nayeon?


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