This artificial intelligence traces an area around people that determines if they respect the recommended distance.

Security, smartphones, robotics… intelligence reaches everywhere and everything to improve the performance of commonly used devices. For example, on your smartphone it is most common for software to already correct the interpretation of color or improve the bokeh effect of an image. And it is precisely through a lens that they are best used with facial or object recognition as we will see below with this AI capable of determining whether two people respect social distance.

An AI that monitors people’s space

In these last months of confinement by COVID-19 there are two words that constantly resonate: social distance. These are the meters of separation that a person must have from another to avoid contagion, something that can be established with a meter and a half away. You may not realize it, but it is a measurement that you must have yes or yes when you go out.

But in closed spaces this is quite a challenge and if the corridors are narrower still. Therefore, in order to ensure that distances are maintained, an AI has been created that delimits the space between people. This technology is already in the sights of development for companies like Amazon or Motorla, which want to polish them before their implementation. In fact, such is the level in some houses that even detect if users wear a mask.

The case is that the system detects people and places a green stripe around them if they meet the space. Thanks to a depth sensor it is possible to make an estimate and determine if the established standards are met. All this would be mounted in the part of the security of the stores, supported by a large screen of no less than 50 inches to have all the cameras controlled.

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At the moment these are experiments that could come in the future, since the tests are not entirely definitive. There is still a long time to develop and it is a matter of time to see if this type of software becomes a trend that all security firms incorporate or is something temporary.

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