Coin Bureau’s host says that an altcoin that rose 700% in February could be the next best smart contract platform.

The crypto analyst, known as Guy, to 640,000 YouTube subscribers to create a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency network of the blockchain network Elrond (EGLD); He says it combines the unique features of Ethereum, Bitcoin and the next generation of decentralized platforms.

“Elrond has managed to combine and even develop the best features of many leading cryptocurrencies in the field. Elrond’s secured PoW is like Harmony’s (ONE) efficient PoW, but better. Elrond’s adaptive state allocation is like the sharding we’ll see in Ethereum 2.0, but better Elrond’s Arwen virtual machine is like Cosmos’s CosmWasm virtual machine, but better. When you combine these three features, you will theoretically have a blockchain capable of processing more transactions per second than other smart contract blockchains combined. ”

Blockchain’s native token, Elrond eGold (EGLD), is trading around $ 170 after a massive rally that started at around $ 30 this January. However, Guy is optimistic that the cryptocurrency is ready to go further.

“Elrond’s growth has grown exponentially since the mainnet launch last summer. From where I am now, I see that this growth is well deserved and there is so much more on the horizon. With phases 3 and 4, as well as expanding participation and rewards, Elrond’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem is likely to create a serious demand for EGLD. ”

Guy adds that Coinbase, the top crypto exchange, will soon be able to offer support for the asset and provide even greater momentum to its local token.

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“If this rumor prompted Coinbase to list EGLD at the end of the year, it wouldn’t surprise me. And EGLD’s new and improved tokens should accelerate upward movements. This is to assume that none of the EGLD whales have started selling, but I think some sales are almost guaranteed. “


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