CLVA, the native token of the decentralized finance protocol CLEVER DeFi, witnessed a significant price increase last week. This is supported by the token being listed on the popular decentralized exchange platform Uniswap.



CLVA appears to be listed as CLVA / ETH trading pairs on March 17. Investors and liquidity providers competed with each other to provide liquidity and add CLVA to their portfolios.

Uniswap effect

The price of the CLVA token rose from the initial list price of 0.0020 ETH to the highest 0.0044 ETH the same day, and more crypto lovers showed interest in the Clever DeFi project. The Uniswap effect occurred with CLVA as a major beneficiary.

The Clever DeFi community grew as the prospect of earning sustainable interest payments on their portfolios attracted more people.

One of the reasons for the price increase is the features CLVA offers to liquidity providers and token holders. CLVA makes yield farming easy and accessible to liquidity providers using a complex mechanism based on the ethereum blockchain network.

CLVA offers compound interest payments for token holders and liquidity providers through its smart contract mechanism. Interest is paid on regular cycles at 14-day intervals, offering token holders great value for their investment.

Listing on Uniswap continues the development of the Clever DeFI ecosystem. Since its launch in the second half of 2020, Clever has witnessed exponential growth due to the DeFi industry’s interest in sustainable productive agriculture protocols that Clever represents.

Clever DeFi has also made arrangements with other exchanges, including P2PB2B, CoinsBit, and Hotbit, to list CLVA tokens. The added list on these exchanges will offer additional liquidity for the token and encourage an increase in the value of CLVA tokens.


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