British girl group KAACHI has recently become viral and is being talked about by many K-Pop fans and netizens.

The idol group, which debuted in the UK on April 28 with the song ‘Your Turn’, has immediately gained the attention of many netizens, including K-Pop fans who claim that the music video and choreography of this group debut have some similarities with various K-Pop idol groups, wrong only GFRIEND.

These similarities were found by fans and then juxtaposed one by one, starting from the video section that showed very similar hours as used by the comeback stage ‘Crossroads’ GFRIEND on the music program M! Countdown in February 2020.

Although not as a whole, some choreography pieces of ‘Your Turn’ also have similarities to the choreography of ‘Crossroads’ and also ‘Fever’ which can be seen in the two pictures below.

The group, which is known to have formed through the cover dance team, has also deactivated the comments column on YouTube and hidden likes and dislikes from their debut music video.

Can you see the following KAACHI music video ‘Your Turn’?


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