The idol group is in one of the best moments of their career, their popularity continues to expand around the world, but do BTS members have plans to get married in mind?

With such a busy schedule and their full youth, BTS has no time for this, plus they themselves have pointed out that they don’t need appointments for awards when they have all their fans with them, however perhaps in the future nothing Close decide that it is time to look for a special person in their lives, here we tell you what they think about it.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight for the American Music Awards a couple of years ago, the question of who would get married first came up, being international media, RM translated the questioning, taking all his peers by surprise.

Despite this, V quickly replied that, in his opinion, Jungkook would be the first of his companions to be interested in marriage. This was a short interview, so there was no time to listen to the versions and perspectives of each one, so RM proposed that on the count of three they all point to the member that they would choose in response to this question.

But the members of BTS again showed their coordination and connection, because while Jungkook pointed to Jin as his choice, the rest of the members did not hesitate to choose the maknae as the one who could marry before.

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