A Californian couple used tokenized rings to immortalize their marriage on the Ethereum blockchain.



Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky, employees of leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, explained how they are using Ethereum’s blockchain to legally marry.

Marriage on the Ethereum blockchain

On April 3, Rose posted a post on Twitter to announce that the couple had connected the node on March 14, using both physical and virtual words.

Most people get married at a religious place of worship, on the beach or in the mountains. Peter (@_iphelix) and I didn’t do it like most people do. We got married with #Blockchain.

In addition to a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, Kacherginsky wrote an Ethereum smart contract called Tabaat that gives tokenized “rings” NFTs in the form of TBT tokens to the couple wallets. Tabaat is a Hebrew word meaning ring.



Kacherginsky created 2,218 line-length smart contracts on March 10, and the contract cost 0.25 ETH. It was worth approximately $ 450 at the time. An hour after the contract was created, three more transactions were sent from Tabaat for an additional fee of 0.0048 ETH or $ 87 USD – indicating a marriage contract costing about $ 537.

The ceremony itself consisted of two procedures. Transfer of the NFT “rings” from the contract to Rose and Kacherginsky. In total, the ceremony took 4 minutes to be confirmed by the Ethereum network, and $ 50 was spent on miner fees.

In comparison, the average physical wedding in the United States costs approximately $ 25,000.


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