Rookie girl group Redsquare has introduced their first two members ahead of their debut.

Redsquare is a rookie girl group from About Entertainment which has a total of five members.

From a total of five members, so far Redsquare has introduced its first two members named Chaea and Bomin. Both are former members of the Good Day girl group that had previously disbanded.

Chaea was previously known by the stage name Cherry or real name Kim Chaeyoung, who was born on July 5, 1997. While Bomin, who was born on September 24, 2001, still uses the same stage name.

Previously five of the members of Good Day had been reclaimed by C9 Entertainment as members of the girl group cignature. While the other four members, Cherry, Genie, Nayoon, and Bomin are rumored to be debuting as Redsquare members.

Redsquare plans to release their first single entitled ‘Prequel’ on May 19, 2020.


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