Could the next MCU Phases welcome a more terrifying Hulk?

While wondering if adapting a version of World War Hulk would be a good idea for Marvel Studios in the MCU, new clues to Bruce Banner’s alter-ego within the universe suggest that the superhero would actually be immortal. If Avengers: Endgame has concluded the narrative arc of several characters, the future of Hulk in the MCU is still uncertain. In addition, his cousin Jennifer Walters, should take over in the series She-Hulk on Disney +, the studios do not seem to want to give a place to Bruce Banner and this in spite of the enthusiasm of his interpreter, Mark Ruffalo, to take over the role in future adaptations. In addition, a new element indicated by Thor: Ragnarok could allow to use the Hulk in the next Phases of the MCU.

As a reminder, we found in the third part of the adventures of Thor directed by Taika Waititi, a Hulk then stuck in space which during the final battle against Hela actually revealed his immortality. This ability had already been suggested in previous MCU films. For example, in The Avengers (2012), Bruce Banner had notably attempted in the past to commit suicide. If this famous immortality can be very useful to him on the battlefields, it also reveals a frightening detail vis-à-vis the character, which we can also call Devil Hulk. For those who are unaware of it, this version of the character does not want to save the world or to be alone but wants to put an end to the universe which surrounds it. In the MCU, the superhero has in the past expressed his frustrations with the human world. Another important part of Devil Hulk is that he can only go out at night, which would explain why fans have never seen this version of the character before.

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In the comics of the Marvel universe, the final transformation of the Devil Hulk came when he consumed Franklin Richards and became the World Breaker. With this new power, the Hulk became a formidable threat and continued to destroy entire galaxies. In the MCU, the Hulk came into contact with such an energy source when he used the Glove and the Stones of Infinity. To go further, Bruce Banner’s alter-ego might have hidden some of the power of the Gems in him, although he used the Glove to bring the snap victims back to life. Devil Hulk could thus hide in the mind of Bruce Banner, and arise in the next Phases of the MCU. An assumption that ultimately does not appear so surprising when a theory suggests that the Hulk would be the villain in Avengers 5.


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