The Huawei HarmonyOS image, which will be released on June 25. It brings a stylish, simple and pleasant look.


With the HarmonyOS operating system, Huawei continues to make a name for itself, which almost challenges Android. The company, which lost blood after Google sanctions and was not in its old power, also suffered a serious user loss after the US sanctions. The company, which announced brand new phone models these days when we come to 2021, is also looking for ways to reach millions. The company, which announced its own operating system called HarmonyOS the other day, has almost thrown the shoe of Android. The operating system tested on the Mate X2 last day has a better structure than Android in terms of both performance and battery usage rate. Today, the image of the Huawei HarmonyOS operating system has hit the Internet.

It will also run Google Services within the operating system that is currently in the testing process. We mentioned this detail in the previous news. The company, which meets the expectations with its own application store App Gallery against the Google Play Store, will play to finish Android with the new operating system.

Huawei HarmonyOS Update Will Look Like This

The update, which is in the testing phase on the Mate 40 series and Mate X2 flagships, will be available to users on June 25. The operating system, which is known to appear with a more pleasant appearance compared to the EMUI 11, will bring many innovations to us. The update, which will offer a very high quality experience, will make a name for itself with its user interface. The operating system, which will cover the simplicity with its colorful effects, will offer users a visual feast. The operating system, which will bring more customizable content to users, has a structure that works faster than Andorid.

You can take a look at how HarmonyOS 2.0 looks with the videos below.


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