In the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, the processor will use the vapor chamber cooling system to keep the performance at the highest level.


Samsung seems to have started preparations for the Galaxy S22 series. It is reported that Galaxy S22, which will make a difference with its camera and screen features as in the previous Galaxy S series phones, will experience a significant improvement in performance this time.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Comes With Vapor Chamber Cooling System

A new report in Taiwan claims that Samsung’s supply chain partners and suppliers are preparing to develop vapor chamber cooling solutions for some of Samsung’s smartphones that will be introduced in 2022. In particular, the vapor chamber cooling solution can be used in the Galaxy S22, which is scheduled for release in 2022.

There are many internal components that increase the temperature of the devices when smartphones are operating. The need for robust cooling solutions cannot be ignored, especially as today’s phones are getting thinner and lighter. Although reducing the performance of the processor in smartphones depends on lowering the overall temperature, on the other hand, it means that this device will not work in the best way in terms of performance.

Since device overheating is a serious operational challenge for smartphone manufacturers, it has always been a priority to develop solutions that will ensure the highest performance of the smartphone while also extending the battery life.

The vapor chamber cooling solution in smartphones has previously been implemented in some Samsung products, such as the Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20. The steam room seems to be a better cooling solution than the traditional method common in most smartphones.

Vapor chamber cooling has long been used in high-performance computers and smartphones. For this, smartphones use a flat, vacuum-sealed metal box containing very little liquid. This liquid turns into gas when heated and condenses when cooled. It returns to the heat source via a second channel. Since this phenomenon is applied over a larger surface area, it provides faster heat dissipation compared to a conventional heat sink.

Cooling systems allow to keep performance at the highest level, especially when playing games and running applications that will expose the processor to intense heat. It is also known that this contributes significantly to battery life.


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