Loki News: I know you…


We thought that with the end of the first season of Loki, we were not going to have any more surprises related to the character, for a while. But suddenly the government of Mexico arrived giving us this jewel of a cross-cultural poster.

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be regaining strength in the country, while efforts to vaccinate the population continue. In an attempt to reduce infections, the government decided to use Loki’s Miss Minutes, or his purple clone, in a poster to encourage the use of the mask. Although it surprised us, surely that is how the sacred timeline wanted it.

Who is Miss Minutes in Loki

The role of little Miss Minutes in Loki’s series is that of a kind of mascot of the TVA. Since the first time we see her is at the entrance to the organization, where she explains to the Asgardian, and to the audience, what the TVA is and her role in maintaining the sacred timeline.

Plus, she’s kind of like a Siri class too, as Judge Renslayer, who could be considered the deputy head of the TVA, uses Miss Minutes to fetch files for her and activate things. In the last few episodes we realize that, perhaps the little corporate mascot, she knows more than she appears. Will she have a bigger role in the second season of Loki?

Despite being in a lot of promo art for Loki. Actually Miss Minutes doesn’t have an important role, she only appears for about 10 minutes, maximum, in the entire first season. However, it seems that it caused an impact on some social security employee in Mexico, since he decided to use it in the prevention poster against the pandemic.

The original tweet has already been deleted, but many users managed to capture evidence of its existence, to make memes. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? It is practically the same image of the promotional posters of Loki, only purple and with a mask. Will a Disney Lawsuit Coming Soon?


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