Hideo Kojima News: A well known name


Hideo Kojima is one of the most recognized video game developers in the industry. The creator has given us titles such as the Metal Gear saga, P.T., Zone of the Enders and Death Stranding. Many of them became classics much loved by the public and gave the director of Kojima Productions the fame that he enjoys today.

But like everyone else in this life, Hideo Kojima also started from the bottom and was not always the successful video game architect we know today. Something that he made clear to us with a recent thread on Twitter where he spoke about his experience promoting his first creations.

The beginnings of Hideo Kojima

Kojima’s thread begins with him recounting how, during the summer of his 23rd birthday, his first game, Metal Gear, was released. However, as it was not a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) title, it did not have commercials and was not sold in the toy section. In his place, his creation was only in the computer and software department of his local store.

This section of the store didn’t have as many visitors, so Kojima decided to fix the problem with his own hands. His idea was to print brochures about Metal Gear, which he distributed within the store to everyone who was there. Also, he bought three copies of his own software himself. Although he didn’t say why, he surely did it so that other people would see him acquiring it and ask him if it was worth it or something.

Brilliant marketing techniques

Then he talked about his second game, Snatcher, a cyberpunk-style graphic adventure inspired by Blade Runner, which came out in 1988. This new title also faced the problem of only being sold in the PC section. But this time, Kojima used another approach.

To get shoppers interested in Snatcher, the developer decided to go to the store, but this time without brochures. His new plan of attack was to go to the computer that was playing a demo of the game and sneakily turn up the volume on the computer. This could catch the eye of whoever was nearby and perhaps buy it.

Although he did not say if his attempts were successful or not, there is no doubt that they were very unorthodox marketing techniques. Furthermore, his concern that they would not be sold was ultimately not fulfilled. Even Snatcher is already considered one of the best cyberpunk and Metal Gear style games, as we already know its successful history.

It is difficult to think of Kojima doing this type of action in the middle of 2021, where he is recognized worldwide, his opinions on video games and movies are highly valued and he has people fighting for games that are still a rumor. There is no doubt that he has come a long way since those early years.


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