The ‘Road to Kingdom’ program has aired its latest episode on Mnet.

Continuing the previous episode, in Thursday’s episode (5/15) we could watch the performances of PENTAGON and The Boyz who performed their senior songs.

PENTAGON performed Block B’s ‘Very Good’ song, while The Boyz performed Taemin SHINee’s ‘Danger’.

After presenting their performances, the contestants voted for the group that had the best performance.

From the results of the voting, the first rank again fell to boy group The Boyz. Whereas PENTAGON ranked second and ONF came in third.

The names in the next rank in a row are TOO, Golden Child, VERIVERY and ONEUS.

Now in the next round with the theme ‘My Song’, the contestants have the opportunity to tell their stories through their respective songs.

The Boyz who successfully ranked first then chose PENTAGON to perform first, then continued by ONF, Golden Child, ONEUS, VERIVERY, TOO, and The Boyz was the latest.

In this round PENTAGON decided to perform the song ‘Shine’ which made them popular. Their appearance this time was so special and emotional, because this was Jinho’s last appearance before entering the army.

You can watch the performances of the contestants ‘Road to Kingdom’ through the following video!


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